Our mission is to make fresh, local food available to everyone in our community, and ensure the farmers growing it make a healthy living. 

Last year we served fresh produce to over 58,000 people in north carolina

Join us on October 29 to enjoy seasonally-inspired dishes by Snap Pea Underground & Catering, wine pairings by sommelier Michael Klinger and an amazing silent auction.

Tickets have SOLD OUT but you can still join us as a volunteer!

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"New donation station: Jackson county rolls out the welcome mat"

There are two sides to a healthy food system. 


Small and mid-scale farmers, along with disadvantaged women and farmers of color are having an increasingly difficult time making a living despite their importance in healthy communities. 


There is a paradox between obesity and hunger in our country. We are experiencing an epidemic of diet and weight related illnesses, while too many in or communities simply don't have enough to eat. 

Donation stations

Volunteer run and completely self-funded, our Donation Stations operate at over 30 farmers markets across North Carolina and Virginia. 

whoLesale market

Our wholesale market was created because Donation Station recipients wanted a more reliable supply of produce at affordable prices. 

food ambassadors

Ambassadors facilitate cooking demonstrations and share simple recipe ideas to ensure people can use and enjoy the produce that is distributed. 

your support makes our work possible. 

volunteer at our donation stations, become a wholesale partner, attend a farmer foodshare event, or make a donation to our organization.