About Farmer Foodshare


  • Farmer Foodshare is a nonprofit organization that connects people who grow food with people who need food, while building healthy community food systems and enhancing community economic development. 
  • Since mid-2009 Farmer Foodshare Donation Stations have brokered over 170,000 pounds of top quality food from eighteen different farmers’ markets for our 22 agencies and institutions that serve the hungry and malnourished in seven NC counties. We work with farmers and other community organizations to build innovative systems that will provide a consistent supply of food at the right price to agencies and individuals who need it. 
  • Farmer Foodshare is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS and is listed in GuideStar.


  • NC ranks in the top ten states for food insecurity in the nation.
  • 1 in 5 children do not have adequate food to meet their daily needs.
  • Everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy, local food.
  • Farmers deserve a fair price for their hard work.
  • A healthy community food system must include all members of society.
  • Healthy food systems result in healthy air, land and water.


  • Donation Stations collect fresh food and funds to buy food at farmers’ markets.
  • POP Food Market starts social enterprise projects to increase the affordability and accessibility of fresh and value-added local food products in economically distressed communities. The first POP project is the POP Food Market, an alternative farmers’ market connecting food insecure community members with excess local food. The POP Food Market works with a range of farm sizes, from very small scale to much larger to provide food to agencies and community organizations and businesses that increase access to fresh food.
  • Food Ambassadors educates consumers and eaters about local, seasonal fresh food.
  • Farm to Family CSA provides predictable amounts of fresh local food to families who are at risk for hunger or malnutrition and who can’t easily access food pantries
  • Farmer Foodshare Fund spurs community economic development, particularly in economically distressed areas.
  • FreshKids! “Farm to Children” program provides a weekly supply of nutritious locally grown food to agencies and school-based programs that serve children at risk for hunger.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate money at a Donation Station to buy produce directly from local farmers.
  • Volunteer with us at our donation stations, POP Market or other programs.
  • Invest in the Farmer Foodshare Fund and collaborate with us as a partner.

We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh food, and that fighting hunger and building healthy, socially just and economically viable community food systems go hand in hand.