Become an Advisor

Farmer Foodshare needs a wide array of talent and expertise to meet its mission of creating a strong and resilient local food system. If you are interested in becoming an advisor, please read through the descriptions below to determine which role may be the best fit. 



The Board of Directors is the governing body for Farmer Foodshare. The Board is an active board and is responsible for policies and direction of the organization and delegation of responsibility for day-to-day operations to the Executive Director. Responsibilities include fundraising, oversight of programs and administration, strategic planning, and more. Board members also serve on one of the standing committees: Governance, Finance, Development, Nominating, or Special Events. Board of Directors members are expected to attend regular Board meetings and monthly committee meetings. Members also receive training upon acceptance to the Board.

Committee Volunteers may serve on a committee without becoming a Board member. These volunteers meet monthly with their committee, assisting with tasks as needed. These committee members do not have the legal responsibilities or voting rights of a Board member.

The Advisory Council is a voluntary group of individuals recruited to advise or support Farmer Foodshare. Farmer Foodshare seeks to maintain a high level of accountability, support and transparency within the community. The Advisory Council supports this by acting as a source of strategic advice and feedback from individuals who are knowledgeable about key stakeholder areas relevant to Farmer Foodshare.