Earth Day

By Alicia Lee

On Saturday, April 22, we celebrate Earth Day! This day serves as a reminder about our shared responsibility to respect and protect Mother Earth. At Farmer Foodshare, we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of farmers that commit to farming sustainably. “Sustainable agriculture” is the process of farming in a way, which maintains and protects the environment. The goal is to preserve local ecosystems and arable lands so that we can provide food for future generations. Crop rotation and planting cover crops are ways to prevent soil depletion. Using organic pesticides can protect the health of local water systems. Please consider implementing some sustainable practices in your own garden or talking with farmers at your local market about their farming practices. With a united commitment to improving our environment, we can all work toward a healthier future for our planet. Every day can be Earth Day!  

For more information about sustainable farming practices, check out the USDA's site!