A Fresh Look for Farmer Foodshare

Notice anything different? Take another look above. You're getting your first peek at Farmer Foodshare's new brand identity!

Yep, we're changing it up a bit to more clearly convey Farmer Foodshare's impact on the local food system.

For nearly a decade (Farmer Foodshare turns 10 next year!) we have partnered with farmers and eaters alike to create new markets for fresh, North Carolina-grown produce. Our new shovel and fork icons represent these important connections.

We believe that everyone should have access to fresh, locally grown food, and our new tagline reflects this vision:

FF Logo (Stacked).jpg

Your input has helped us name these important facets of the Farmer Foodshare brand, and that's fitting, because we are changing the local food system together (check out other stories on our blog to see how!) It's pretty exciting!

Over the coming weeks, you'll start to see the updated brand reflected in more places.

Our special thanks to Lou Killeffer of Five Mile River Marketing for his role in helping Farmer Foodshare name the unique value we bring as an engine for social innovation, and to Scott Ballew for his creative design.

So many people contribute to the strengthening of our local food system. Thanks for all you do to support fresh, local, food for all!