Orange High School Drama Club presents a Donation Station of Another Kind

Let these talented students take you on a journey through another dimension... and support Farmer Foodshare!


by Callie Williamson, Orange High School Drama Club President and Farmer Foodshare Volunteer

Greetings from Orange High School, home of the Mighty Panthers! My name is Callie Williamson. I’m a 16-year-old sophomore at OHS, and I’ve been volunteering with Farmer Foodshare for about seven years. If I’m not helping out at the Donation Station at the Eno River Farmers Market in downtown Hillsborough, you can probably find me at the theater. I’ve always been active in the drama department at school, and this year I’m thrilled to serve as Drama Club President. I wanted to do something major to help out the community this year, and what better way to do it than a charity event supporting Farmer Foodshare?

Over the last few years, it has become a tradition that the Drama Club performs a winter play and donates the proceeds to a different charity. When approached about this year’s recipient, I knew I wanted the money to go to Farmer Foodshare. Why? Farmer Foodshare works hard to give people access to fresh food who otherwise wouldn’t have it. As a student, I know the impact that fresh and healthy food has on my schoolwork and my happiness. Even one fruit or vegetable a day is extremely valuable to growing minds. With the amount of pressure put on students today to focus for seven hours plus homework, fresh food helps provide the right fuel to keep students going.

The Eno River Farmers Market’s Donation Station is partnered with C.W. Stanford Middle School, Orange High’s neighbor. With donations going directly to the school right next door, it’s even more meaningful for Orange High to contribute to this cause.

This year’s production is inspired by the famous TV show The Twilight Zone. We’ll be performing three separate episodes of the show: “Nothing in the Dark,” “The Nick of Time,” and “The Eye of the Beholder.” The play is completely student-run, with two student directors, a student stage manager (that’s me), and an all-student cast and crew. It’s a learning process for all involved, and we want it to be as beneficial to the community as it is to us.

The performances are February 7, 8, and 9 at 7 pm and February 10 at 3 pm. That’s a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so plenty of opportunity to come see the show and support Farmer Foodshare! Tickets are sold at the door for a minimum $2 donation, but we would love for you to donate as much as you can. The performance space is the OHS theatre arts classroom, and seating is limited, so come early for best results!

The author, center, with friends at the Eno River Farmer’s Market Donation Station

The author, center, with friends at the Eno River Farmer’s Market Donation Station