Hillsborough Farmers Market Launches Farmer Foodshare Donation Station

Partners Create First “Farm to Family” Program

The Hillsborough Farmers Market (in the Home Depot parking lot, off I-85 and NC-86) announces the launch of the Farmer Foodshare Donation Station at Hillsborough Farmers Market this Saturday, August 27. Farmer Foodshare is a nonprofit organization that provides fresh local food to food-insecure community members while building healthy community food systems and enhancing community economic development.

“Farm to Family” and the Donation Station

Farmers market shoppers buy food from farmers at the Donation Station at market and donate the food, or they give cash that volunteers use to buy food from farmers on behalf of shoppers. Farmers also donate excess fresh food at the end of market each Saturday. In the first program of its kind for Farmer Foodshare, the Hillsborough Farmers Market Donation Station will provide food directly to needy families through the Friends of the Orange County Department of Social Services (DSS). DSS will identify the families and serve as the clearinghouse to ensure that the fresh, delicious, and nutritious food goes to serve the needs of food insecure families in Orange County.

Chris Nutter and Dorothy Warren of the Friends of the DSS are excited about partnering with the new program. Chris noted, “The Friends of the Orange County DSS alone has been working with an average of 263 families each month…that’s 531 people. The need is far greater than what we alone can supply. This new source of healthy vegetables and fruits will be a big plus in our efforts. Dorothy adds, “Our clients’ biggest needs are for fresh vegetables and fruits and healthy high-protein options. I’m especially happy to have the opportunity to promote eating healthy local fruits and vegetables among the very youngest of our clients with whom we hope to make an impact on habits that may well last a lifetime.”

Hillsborough Farmers Market logo“We’re pleased to be able to bring this program to Hillsborough,” said Darin Knapp, Hillsborough Farmers Market team lead. “We’re especially excited to be partnering with the Orange County DSS and the shoppers and farmers of Hillsborough Farmers’ Market to get this fresh and healthy food directly to families who need it most in Orange County.”

The Farm to Family program will run every Saturday from 8 to noon at the Hillsborough Farmers Market in the Home Depot parking lot.

“I am so impressed by the team at Hillsborough Farmers Market,” said Margaret Gifford, founder and executive director, Farmer Foodshare.”They have crafted a unique and leading edge solution in creating the Farm to Family program. We expect to offer it to all our Donation Stations as a new way to get food quickly and efficiently to families in need.”

About the Donation Stations

Farmer Foodshare Donation Stations both provide healthy local food to the hungry and support farmers financially. One in four children in the local area is considered food insecure – that is, they often have inadequate food to meet their basic daily needs. In addition, NC leads the country in farmland loss, while demand for nutritious local food continues to grow.

The Farmer Foodshare Donation Station program currently runs at several North Carolina farmers markets. Each Donation Station is a collaborative effort between a farmers market, the community and Farmer Foodshare. Since its founding in May 2009, the Farmer Foodshare program has raised more than 32 tons of fresh, top quality local food for nonprofit organizations serving the hungry and malnourished in six North Carolina counties.

To volunteer or support the program

Volunteers wishing to participate in this program, please contact the Hillsborough Farmers Market at teamHFM@yahoo.com.

For more on Farmer Foodshare, see www.farmerfoodshare.org. For more on the Hillsborough Farmers Market, see www.hillsboroughfarmersmarket.org