"Food Man, Food Man"...Robert (Muskie) Cates and friends are feeding 500 Kids in Carrboro and Chapel Hill

Farmer Foodshare’s POP Food Market is delighted to support Robert Cates as he and his team of chefs cook fresh, healthy and local food for 500 children in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. 

Here are excerpts from the article by Blair Pollack that ran in The Chapel Hill News:

“One could say there is nothing more important than making sure our children are well fed. Every weekday at 7a.m. four “old guys” with about 100 years of food preparation experience between them arrive in the basement kitchen of the United Methodist Church downtown and prepare healthy meals for more than 500 kids in our community daycare system.

About 13 years ago Robert “Muskie” Cates, who heads the Nutrition Services Program of Child Care Services, got tired of spending all his nights, weekends and holidays away from his family cooking for patrons of restaurants up and down Franklin Street including Carolina Coffee Shop, Aurora, Papagayo and Pyewacket, along with Fearrington House a bit further south. [… ] Since then Robert, or Muskie as he’s been known since his UNC dorm days in the early ’70s, has been turning out high-quality freshly made meals every Monday through Friday morning for lots of small children.

They like it too. […]“Food in here is yummy in the tummy,” declared little Ava […]

I found the Nutrition Services Program of Child Care Services way ahead of the curve on issues related to childhood obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure […]

All the soups, sauces, casseroles, salads, salad dressings and breakfast breads are made in-house daily according to Robert’s recipes. He’s constantly increasing locally sourced products including pasture-raised ground beef and fresh produce, especially melons and squash abundant in summer. Much of their whole grain bread comes from Pittsboro’s Bread Shop. They beat some high pricing endemic to buying from small farms through the innovative, local Pennies-on-the-Pound program that gives nonprofits better pricing than they could get in retail settings like farmer’s markets. […]

He [Robert Cates] related to me that one mother came to pick up her younger child and the older one, already graduated from the program said, “I miss pre-school, and I miss Robert’s pumpkin soup.”

For the full text of the article, please go to: http://www.chapelhillnews.com/2013/01/29/74769_feeding-500-children.html
Pollock: blairlpollock@gmail.com