Thank you for helping us meet our challenge!

Dear Farmer Foodshare Community,

Thank you for helping us meet our end of year challenge. Over 150 community members joined the challenge and raised almost $40,000 during the last three months of 2013. In addition, the employees of GSK provided a surprise donation of $10,000, leading to a total of over $50,000 in year-end giving. That is a record for Farmer Foodshare. THANK YOU! This outpouring of support is extraordinary and demonstrates community support for both North Carolina family farms and fresh and healthy food for everyone!

As a 501(c)3 charity, we are dependent on the goodwill, volunteering and funds of community donations to achieve the mission that our farmers markets, agency partners and other community stakeholders expect of us. We will use these funds with care to support and grow a stronger and more just local food system, while supporting local farm sustainability and enhancing the ability of all community members to access fresh and healthy, locally grown food.

Our hope is that every community in North Carolina that wants more fresh, local food can gain that access and that we can help them. Health brings wealth. Fresh food grown by your community brings joy, too.

If you love fresh food and want to help make sure everyone has access to it and knows how to cook and share it, please contact us at We have a range of volunteer opportunities that are fun and family friendly!

Thank you from the Farmer Foodshare team of farmers, staff, board, and volunteers