Will you Rise to the Challenge?

Help us get more kids hooked on fresh fruits and veggies

In addition to our usual market activities on the weekends, we’ve been keeping busy with tons of community events! We’re lucky to be in the Triangle where local businesses truly want to support their community. In the midst of this generosity from local businesses and planning our annual Challenge event (which will be in June this year!), we think it's fitting to issue a challenge to our audience here – will you match the generosity of our local business community in supporting Farmer Foodshare? Much like the strawberries in the fields right now, we’re in the high season, and we need your support to sustain. So we’re asking you, our closest friends, to pitch in however you can, be it time, muscle, or money, to help us to continue to do our work. In anticipation of the annual Challenge next month, we’re asking you to become a sustainer! We’ll be holding a series of raffles with gift certificates from local businesses and all of our sustainers will be entered automatically. So if you want to support Farmer Foodshare’s work and win awesome prizes, please consider becoming a sustainer at any level. Thank you for all that you do!


Thank you to the local businesses that supported Farmer Foodshare this Spring:


Chapel Hill Creamery

Chapel Hill Restaurant Group

Chicken Bridge Bakery

Cycle to Farm (Velo Girl Rides)

Eye Care Center Chapel Hill

Market Street Coffee

Old Chicago

Roses’s Meat Market

And a special shout out to the amazing Frank Stasio, who sold his homemade Italian sausages at Roses’s and donated the proceeds to Farmer Foodshare! Thanks again, Frank!