Executive Director Announcement


Dear Friends of Farmer Foodshare,

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of Farmer Foodshare announces Gini Bell as our next Executive Director.

Gini joined Farmer Foodshare as Operations Manager in January of 2013. In her role she oversaw program staff, accounting and finance, and day-to-day management for Farmer Foodshare, helping to strengthen Farmer Foodshare’s operational effectiveness and financial sustainability. In close partnership with Margaret Gifford, Farmer Foodshare’s founding Executive Director, Gini supported the organization’s capacity to connect fresh healthy food from more than hundreds of farms and dozens of farmers’ markets and hunger relief agencies serving more than 20,000 food-insecure individuals. The agency’s programs also provided over $80,000 in new revenue to family farms in 2013.

Throughout the transition period, in her time as both Operations Manager and Interim Executive Director, Gini’s capacity to excel in multiple roles with ease impressed the Board and Staff, as well as funders and friends of Farmer Foodshare. Gini brings a strong background in local food retail, business management, and sustainable farming to Farmer Foodshare. Through her experience directing Farmer Foodshare’s operations and programs, managing staff, and leading development efforts, Gini has an intricate knowledge of Farmer Foodshare’s initiatives as well as strong relationships with community partners, farmers, and stakeholders across North Carolina. We are excited about the networks Gini has helped build and the new partners that she and the rest of the Farmer Foodshare team will engage in the upcoming months and years.

During an extensive search process with many competitive candidates, we were both humbled and enthused by the number of people who understand and care about what Farmer Foodshare represents. We are truly delighted to partner with Gini in her service as Executive Director and grateful for her ongoing leadership and commitment to Farmer Foodshare.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we look forward to working with Gini and the rest of the Farmer Foodshare staff and community of partners as we continue to connect people who grow food with people who need food in ways that are economically sustainable and socially just. Thank you for your partnership!


        Darin Knapp, Incoming Chair, Board of Directors, 2014

        Maggie West, (Outgoing) Chair, Board of Directors, 2011-2014