Hard Work Pays Off! Down 2 Earth Farms is certified ORGANIC!


What do an engineer, an International Business attorney and a GIS Specialist have in common? A love for the environment, a willingness to work hard, and wide-ranging intelligence: the perfect combination to found the organically certified Down 2 Earth Farms.

In 2011, Cecilia Redding, bought the 143 acre farm from the McKee family. “The minute I set food on the land, I knew it had to be mine. I had to work hard not to hyper ventilate.”

Cecilia is the engineer in the group. She brings 20 years experience in the food industry, working as a biological and agricultural engineer. She knew first hand that big farming practices could damage the land. She wanted a farm that fed folks wholesome food and nurtured the land for future generations. “Being organic means more than eliminating harmful chemicals” Cecilia shared.

For Cecilia’s farm manager, Matt Ball, those future generations have taken on new importance. He and his wife, Christine, are expecting a son, who will grow up on Down2Earth Farms. Sustainable just became even more important. Matt is the GIS Specialist, that and his experience in land management, conservation and habitat restoration are invaluable.

Cecilia’s brother, John Dorsey, is the International Business attorney. He says, “I wasn’t really interested in farming when this started, but I was drawn by Cecilia’s enthusiasm and drive.” Cecilia says that John has been a boon to the business – helping to negotiate the legal aspects, helping with the massive amounts of paper work, and he knows how to influence others. He has headed the marketing efforts for Down 2 Earth Farms – which include navigating the varied needs of multiple markets – like Farmer Foodshare.

Congratulations to our valued partner, Down 2 Earth Farms on earning the USDA Organic Certification!