Sustainers Giving Together, As A Family

Charitable giving has always been high on the McMahon family’s core list of values. When Camilla and her husband, Adam, moved to Durham in summer 2014, they sought out charitable organizations serving people who might be struggling in their new community.

Posted in their church’s weekly bulletin, one of Farmer Foodshare’s recipient partners caught their eye.

“We were looking for really cool local organizations to support,” Camilla says, “The mission was right up our alley and the timing was just right.” Almost immediately on their arrival, the McMahon’s established a monthly recurring gift to support Farmer Foodshare.

“For us, what stands out the most is that [Farmer Foodshare] creates a way of making fruits and veggies attainable for people who may not otherwise have access to them,” Camilla explains. “They don’t just make food available; Farmer Foodshare focuses on freshness and nutrition.”

Food preparation can be a challenge many households have in common, regardless their occupants’ age, education or socioeconomic status. Even as benefactor, Camilla happily finds herself learning from Food Ambassadors local food fact sheets and seasonal recipes.

“Knowledge can be a hurdle for anyone. It’s really important to be aware that eating fruits and veggies goes beyond peas and carrots and potatoes,” Camilla says. Part of their monthly gift helps fund nutrition education activities, and increases the buying power of local charities purchasing fresh, local food.

Beyond the successful program models that now feed more than 20,000 of our food-insecure neighbors, the McMahon’s are supporting Farmer Foodshare’s broader vision.

“There are a lot of inequalities in the world. I think it’s important to advocate for people who maybe are not receiving all of the rights or privileges they should be receiving—regardless of race, socioeconomic status,” Camilla says.

We rely on ongoing support from civic supporters like the McMahons to create an inclusive, socially just and sustainable local food system. It is with their generous support, and yours, that we can achieve our mission.

Please consider joining the McMahon family as monthly sustainers of Farmer Foodshare. Make a gift and share your story today.