Farmer Foodshare is about people. People like Corly Jones.

Corly Jones is a young mother of four with a gentle nature and a caring heart. She is also the Market Manager at the Eno River Farmer’s Market and one of Farmer Foodshare’s best advocates. 

Corly says, “I got into this because I was a shopper at the Farmers Market, and one day I overheard someone from Farmer Foodshare talking to the market manager at the time about starting a Donation Station. The manager thought the idea was good, but didn’t feel there was the volunteer support to man it. The idea stayed on my mind, and soon I went back to the market and offered to be the volunteer in charge of the Donation Station.”

The Donation Station became a family affair, and as a former teacher, Corly knew the value of learning to care for others at an early age. Her children and their friends and classmates became important members of the Donation Station team.

The Eno River Farmer’s Market is also somewhat unique in that rather than selecting one agency to be the recipient of the food gathered, they worked with the public school’s social worker, who selected 10 – 12 families to benefit from the food.

“These were folks who had real need,” Corly said. “All of these families would walk to the meet up spot in which the social worker would distribute wonderful fresh produce and meat. They walked because they didn’t have transportation. Often they didn’t have shoes. But they went away with lovely fresh, local food that had come from the farmers less than an hour before. “

Corly also knew that learning how to store and prepare this fresh food was essential. So she morphed Farmer Foodshare’s Food Ambassadors into a Kids’ Cooking Club. Everyone was welcome, and mixed in the group were the children whose families were receiving the donated food. These kids learn how to prepare dishes from a real chef. They taste test the dishes, have fun, and at the end, the children most in need were quietly given the extra food and extra ingredients to take home and share with their families.

Corly is our rock, and her kind nature and caring heart ripple out into the community through the children, who are learning the power of being good neighbors.