It's Personal

Rachel Kulberg is owner of Floppy Hat Farms, please visit her website at:
Rachel Kulberg is owner of Floppy Hat Farms, please visit her website at:

Rachel Kulberg was a former research scientist at home in a lab coat, at home with a microscope, when her beloved father was diagnosed with cancer. Her focus changed entirely. That fine, scientific mind turned to trying to understand how to lengthen his survival. This was personal. 

Her intense study led her to understand that there is a clear link between diet and cancer which drove her to explore how to grow nutritionally rich food. Today, Rachel is a farmer practicing both aquaponics and soil-based farming using sustainable and organic cultivating methods. She understands that healthy ecosystems eventually lead to healthy communities and healthy people.

She also understands economics. Beginning farmers don’t receive the subsidies that factory farms do. Pesticide-free food grown in good soil with clean water is expensive. That means farmers have to make hard choices. Rachel is keenly aware of the importance of local, nutrition-rich food. Rachel wants that for everyone – not just the economically advantaged. She also knows from experience that growing healthy food is expensive, and that farmers have to make a profit to be able to continue.

Enter Farmer Foodshare and our POP Market (Pennies on the Pound.) POP Market’s purpose is to help small to mid-scale farmers, beginning farmers, female farmers, and farmers of color flourish. The POP Market offers advice, connections, and a wholesale market where farmers can make a fair profit, and folks in their own area can have access to fresh, local, healthy produce – even people who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Our donors make that possible. Our donors help cover the costs and volunteers help us keep overhead low. That is good for all of us: farmers, eaters, and the environment that supports us. Rachel Kulberg knows- It’s personal.