Online Volunteer Orientation

The following training modules serve as a resource for new volunteers unable to attend in-person training at Farmer Foodshare's office in Durham, NC. These modules are also available for use as reference materials to current volunteers. 

Please review the modules below. Afterwards, take the quiz in order to receive credit for online volunteer training completion. 

Estimated Duration: 30 minutes



1. THe history of hunger in north carolina

In this module you will learn about the complex history of hunger in North Carolina and the hunger issues that still exist today. (5-10 mins) 

Fresh Food prep on the Farm.jpg

2. Farmer Foodshare

In this module you will learn about our organization, how and why we formed, who we are, what we do, our mission, and our vision. (5-10 mins)

3. The Donation Station

This module provides an introduction, background, and information on opportunities for our flagship program, The Donation Station. (15 mins) 

4. The Donation Station - advanced

This module is optional. You've covered the basics of the Donation Station program, but you're interested in learning more. 


Additional Resources

Additional readings and resources for those seeking a deeper understanding on hunger issues and local agriculture. 



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