our programs approach hunger from both sides of the problem 

Our approach to hunger is what makes us unique as an organization. From the beginning, we've been committed to addressing both sides of the problem - small farmers struggling to stay in business, and disadvantaged populations who lack access to fresh and nutritious food. 

Each of our programs is designed to benefit those on both sides. We want to get local food to those who need it, while also supporting the farmers producing it. 

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Volunteer-operated booths collect produce from farmers markets and distribute to hunger-relief organizations. 

Our wholesale and retail market connecting customers directly to family farmers for affordable prices. 

Cooking demonstrations, recipes, and fact sheets to make sure recipients get the most from our produce. 


Donation Stations

What do you do when there is plenty of food and lots of hungry people? You share! 

That’s what Donation Stations are all about. Farmer Foodshare volunteers run tables at farmers markets where farmers can donate local food for folks in need in their own area. Shoppers help, too. They may choose to donate fresh produce bought at the market or donate cash to buy food from the farmers, helping them earn a healthy living. All this fresh food is then shared with local agencies serving neighbors in need. 

Donation Stations are located at farmers markets scattered throughout the state – and the idea continues to spread.

interested in starting a donation station at your farmers market?
let us know!


Wholesale Market

Everyone deserves fresh, healthy food. The Farmer Foodshare Wholesale Market is another way to connect people who grow food to people who need it. The Wholesale Market is year-round, connecting small to mid-scale farmers with community organizations and local institutions. 

Our goal? To help hard-working farm families (especially beginning farmers, female farmers, and farmers of color) make a decent living, while making nutritious, local food available for a broader range of people who want it.


Food Ambassadors

At Farmer Foodshare, we believe that it’s not enough to provide people with physical access to fresh food. We want to influence long-lasting, healthy eating behaviors by improving knowledge and building enthusiasm around fresh, local food.

We believe that kids are the future of our food system. When kids have the opportunity to taste and appreciate healthy, local food, they are more likely to make healthy choices later in life.

Volunteers in our Food Ambassadors program go into local elementary schools to build enthusiasm around fresh, local produce. Kids gain an appreciation for fresh, local produce, and public schools purchase more food from local farmers, strengthening the local food system – everybody wins!