Beautiful Branches at Wild Scallion Farm

wild scallions photo.JPG

The Saturday morning before Halloween was a hoot at the Durham Farmers Market as it hosted its first ever Vendor Costume Contest! With proceeds going to benefit the Double Bucks Program, vendors and customers alike were really getting into the spirit. Many of the vendors came to market in costume to sell their goods, while customers voted for their favorites.

Some of the best costumes were found at the table of Wild Scallions Farm. Renee Clayton donated some beautiful flowers to Farmer Foodshare for our Harvest Ball Fundraiser on Saturday night. Renee and her 7-year old daughter Eliza Mae greeted visitors with a smile and unabashedly showed off their most adorable costumes. Renee was dressed as a tree with grapevine twisted to form in the lovely shape of a headdress atop her head. Eliza Mae was a crow with a pointed orange beak and black cardboard wings. She could not help but sweetly sing, “caw-caw” to all that passed by!

We are so grateful for the beautiful fresh food and cut-flowers that Renee and Matt Clayton grow at their farm in Timberlake, NC. They have a lovely story as family and a farm, and we feel lucky that they support our work. Huge thanks to them for the lovely bouquets that colored the tables of the Farmer Foodshare Harvest Ball!

Check out Wild Scallions Farm at or follow them on Facebook! Also check out their story documented in the documentary film project, A Farming Way of Life at