Cool Customer: Snap Pea Catering

As you know, one of the ways we support farmers is by connecting them with customers who buy their products through our Food Hub – which also helps us build capital for our food insecurity work – a win-win!  We literally couldn’t do any of the work we do without these important buying partners.  We’ve set a goal this year to do an even better job celebrating our Food Hub customers that enable our food access work…

And on that note, we’d love to introduce you to Jacob Boehm of Snap Pea Creative Dining!  Jacob has an innovative catering business model, and customizes menus for each event, based on the audience, the seasonal produce available and more!  He also hosts pop-up dinners in surprise locations around the triangle, each with a unique concept menu that celebrates the best local ingredients.

Jacob’s not just an incredible chef, he’s a devoted community partner, who donates 5% of all of Snap Pea’s earnings back to mission-aligned nonprofits in our community; not to mention he spends his own free time volunteering at Iglesia Emmanuel Food Bank (also one of Farmer Foodshare’s important community partners).  Jacob is very intentional about his food sourcing, with a commitment to direct at least 90% of all food costs back to local food systems.

Over the years, Jacob has been connected to Farmer Foodshare in many ways:

  • He’s been buying through Farmer Foodshare since 2014, not long after we first launched the market.

  • In 2016, we were lucky enough to host one of the pop-up dinners right here at our warehouse (photos).

  • He has hosted multiple fundraisers for Farmer Foodshare, including one at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 that raised over $17,000.

Jacob, we appreciate you and everything you do for our community!  You can learn more and sign up to hear about the pop-up dinners at: