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CSA for ALL is back!

We are thrilled to announce that our innovative, sliding-scale, multifarm CSA is back by popular demand for its second season in 2024!

Our first season, in 2023 was a total success, with 117 members, hailing from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, all eating nutritious, local food sourced from family farmers here in NC.  We were proud and humbled that 100% of members surveyed said they would recommend this CSA to a friend.  Every single family also reported that participation in this CSA increased their family’s consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here at Farmer Foodshare, we are honored to partner with 70+ small and mid-scale North Carolina farms and producers – 40 of whom we were able to support directly through this program in 2023.  And we are also equally committed to ensuring that local food is accessible to everyone who lives in our regional foodshed – regardless of income level.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to offer Chapel Hill community members another opportunity to buy directly from our Food Hub through our 2024 CSA for ALL!   (Psst -We have big plans to expand to Durham later this year!) 

What’s this CSA all about?  Glad you asked!  Members who sign up for this 5 month CSA (May-Sep) will get weekly “shares” of FRESH LOCAL food, sourced from 70+ local, family-scale farmers here in North Carolina.  BONUS: Every share you purchase helps fund a share for local families experiencing food insecurity through our partnership with TABLE. Supporting farmers + helping our neighbors = a delicious win-win!

In 2024 we have big plans to increase membership, double the revenue back to farmers, and make the shares even more beautiful, bountiful and delicious than last year!  Won’t you join us?

This multi-farm CSA is a perfect fit for busy folks. We’re so excited to load these boxes with seasonal fruits, proteins, yummy storage crops, and some EXTRA special surprises all summer long! Becoming a member can help fill your belly AND your heart, knowing you’re helping create new revenue opportunities for small farmers while also helping feed your neighbors. 

This sliding scale CSA enables  Chapel Hill community members who can pay more for their shares to offset the cost to provide the same high-quality, CSA boxes to families experiencing food insecurity in their community.  

The CSA for All will have a three-tiered price model priced at $0, $25, and $50. This pay-what-you-can model will enable Chapel Hill community members who can pay more for their shares to offset the cost to provide the same high-quality, zero cost CSA boxes to participants from our community partner TABLE.  

Pick-ups for the CSA will be downtown Carrboro, Wednesdays May- September, 4:30- 6:30 PM.  

If you’re wondering about CSA for ALL! outside of Chapel Hill stay tuned.

We plan to expand our offerings in the coming months to bring FRESH LOCAL products to surrounding communities.  


CSA Schedule & Pick up Details: 

 21 shares, one per week. May through September, 2024 (taking the week of July 4th off).   

 Drop off is every Wednesday between 4:30-6:30 pm in TABLE’s parking lot in Carrboro.   We’ll be there with a refrigerated, Farmer Foodshare vehicle – and a smile! – to meet you and be sure you get your shares.

Box Sizes and Contents:  

Your CSA share will include a wide variety of vegetables with consistent staples plus new vegetables for you to discover and enjoy. Fruit is also a consistent staple, appearing in your shares most weeks- strawberries, blueberries, peaches and melons as well as apples and sweet potatoes from our Farm Partners.  Expect a diverse variety while also providing more of the things people universally enjoy, like carrots!  

Expect boxes to weigh an average of 20lbs each.

For questions, email us at

Membership Costs: 

This CSA will have a three-tiered price model priced at $0, $25, and $50. This pay-what-you-can model will enable Chapel Hill community members who can pay more for their shares to offset the cost to provide the same high-quality, zero cost CSA boxes to participants from our community partner TABLE.  

Sustainer Share: $50/box ($1,050 for season) 

  • You are comfortably able to meet basic needs, including monthly bill payments 
  • You have expendable income 
  • You are able to travel recreationally 
  • You do not have trouble purchasing food at the grocery store 
  • You have investments (including real estate), savings accounts and or access to family money 
  • You do not work or work part-time by choice 
  • You have maintained employment at a living wage during the pandemic 
  • You have some debt, but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs 
  • Your healthcare meets your needs, and may be covered by an employer 
  • You have higher earning power due to education, gender, racial privilege, or class 

 Solidarity Share:  $25/box ($525 for season)   

  • You often worry about paying for basic needs and don’t always meet them 
  • You have no or very limited expendable income 
  • You lack access to savings 
  • You’re unemployed or underemployed 
  • You experienced a significant lack of employment/income during the pandemic 
  • You have some debt, and it keeps you from meeting your basic needs 
  • You’re a recipient of Medicaid or Medicare 
  • You are a member of a historically marginalized group: Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, disabled, etc. 

Giving Share: $0/box ($0 for season) This tier is intended only for TABLE community members. To learn more about eligibility or applying for TABLE’s fresh food programming, please click this link to fill out TABLE’s Universal Registration form, which is available in both Spanish and English. If you have any questions, reach out to Carrie Moses at 919-636-4860 or

In order to be eligible to receive food from TABLE, you must meet the criteria below. Important note: TABLE is currently operating on a waitlist. It may take up to one year to receive a spot in their program.  

  • You live, work, or your children attend school in Orange County 
  • You have children ages 0-20 living at home with you
  • You are interested in receiving one bag of food per child in your household each week

How do I pick up my share? 

Please observe the pick-up times carefully and be respectful to our site host. Please see your CSA registration confirmation email for your specific delivery address – for now, our only available pick-up location is in Carrboro.  Shares available for pickup between 4:30 PM – 6:30pm on Wednesdays.  

 Two Delivery Holds are available to CSA members during the Summer season CSA. Members can select a CSA delivery date to receive a make-up.  You can also dedicate a friend or family member, in advance, to pick up your share if you can’t make it.

If your share is not picked up, and no prior accommodations are made your share for the week will be donated.


Farmer Foodshare publishes a weekly newsletter that subscribers receive via email full of information about your produce, news from the farm, recipes, and information about your CSA share.

Email us with your questions at: 


We use a program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our CSA. With it, CSA for ALL! subscribers have online access to their own accounts. We accept payment via PayPal (credit card) or E-Check (bank account).