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A Place At The Table

A Place at the Table is Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-eat café. They provide the community with good fresh food regardless of means. Farmer Foodshare loves partnering with A Place At The Table, they truly pays it forward to our neighbors in need.

A Place at the Table aims to provide a community and good food for all regardless or means. Their model works by allowing multiple options for customers to pay, including paying the suggested price, pay at least $3 for a meal, or pay using a Token provided community partners. They also have a model to encourage patrons to “Pay it Forward” through tipping or by the option to purchase a $10 Token to give to someone else who might need it in the community!

They are one of the more than 60 other pay-what-you-can restaurants in the global One World Everybody Eats network and are mentored by F.A.R.M Café, one of the most successful models of these restaurants in the country!