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Root Causes


We love partnering with organizations like Root Causes, a Duke Med-based organization focused on healing the food system through education and outreach, community service, and advocacy. Their Fresh Produce Program provides local fresh food for our neighbors suffering from chronic illnesses.

Root Causes seeks to heal the food system through the efforts of health professionals to support the sustainable and humane production of food in combination with access to health food. Their three foundations to achieve this is through volunteering: serve the Durham community within programs that strive for food justice and better health outcomes, education: educate medical students on food system, food policy, and how to better approach patients
about food-related issues, and advocacy: advocate through food policy initiatives in the Durham community and working with Duke community for a campus-wide food policy change.

All of these individual efforts collaborate together in hopes of involving the Duke medical community in improving the health of patients and the overall community through a stronger local food system!

Root Causes further supports these foundations with their growing number of programs to better serve specific missions within their community. Their Fresh Produce Program is Root Causes food delivery system that serves low income patients in Durham by providing them with produce, masks, cleaning supplies, planter kits, and medical equipment! Healthy Harvest Program in which Root Causes assembles and provides gardening kits and educational materials
for users to grow their own microgreens and herbs right at home! The Project Feed Program which helps aid those with subject to or impacted by food insecurity in the Durham Community. And their WellNest: Housing Support Program which helps aid in patients on an as-need basis to have some sense of housing during recovery or to help higher risk patients from COVID-19.