Elizabeth Figgie

Communications & Marketing Manager

“Pizza maker,” was Elizabeth’s go-to answer when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Whenever her family picked up dinner from Papa Murphy’s, Elizabeth would watch through the glass window, inspired, as employees piled all sorts of toppings on rolled dough and puddles of sauce.

Ever since, food has been a common thread in one way or another in Elizabeth’s professional and vocational life. She spent a year abroad as a volunteer team member at a youth hostel, cooking and serving food for travelers in the café. Throughout college, Elizabeth and her housemates hosted “family dinners” each week, stuffing their teeny apartment with classmates and friends for shared, non-cafeteria meals.

Soon after moving to Durham in 2017, Elizabeth became a staff member at Durham Co-op Market, a community-owned grocery store serving natural, organic, and locally sourced food. As Graphics & Media Coordinator, she shared stories about local farmers and vendors, food access initiatives, and the joys of good food. In February 2024, Elizabeth joined the team at Farmer Foodshare as Communications & Marketing Manager where she continues to uplift our work in building a better food system in North Carolina.

Elizabeth loves pasta, dancing, spending time at the river, and sleeping in.