Featured Farmer: Meredith Leight

As the days get steadily longer and warmer, we’re not so patiently waiting to fill our warehouse with spring and summer produce. And along with the berries, greens, melons and tomatoes we are super fortunate to offer specialty produce like the baby ginger and turmeric produced by grower Meredith Leight at Granite Springs Farm in Pittsboro, NC.

“We’ve been growing professionally since 2009, and believe in caring for the soil and all the creatures who depend on it for an abundant and healthy life. We believe that well fed people are equipped to do amazing things! Plus, we love to eat delicious food ourselves and think access to good food should extend to everyone.” – Meredith

So do we Meredith! Thank you for partnering with us to make your gorgeous ginger available to more folks throughout the Triangle.