Our work wouldn't be possible without the hardworking farmers of North Carolina, and the numerous hunger relief agencies who help us in our mission of bringing fresh food to those in need.

Agency Partners


Hunger relief agencies across North Carolina connect our fresh food to local need. They partner with us either as recipients of donated produce at our Donation Stations at farmer's markets, or as customers of our Wholesale Market. 


Stories about our partners

Reality Ministries

Bringing everyone to the table. 

Club Nova

Building community by sharing a meal. 




Farmer Foodshare is committed to an equitable local food system that supports North Carolina farmers and their families. We work with limited resource farms through our access programs, primarily the Wholesale Market and Donation Stations.


STORIES ABOUT north carolina farmers

Davon Goodman

A match made in heaven for our Wholesale Market

Eco Farm

Strong Family Farm, Strong Community Ties

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