Neal Scobie

Program Manager

There aren’t pictures of Neal smiling while growing up but that didn’t stop him from wanting to be a comedian.  Instead, he was an early high school graduate, and went on to study philosophy, journalism, and filmmaking in college.  These critical thinking skills led him to consider a career in food systems.
When we asked Neal why he was excited to be Farmer Foodshare’s newest Distribution Associate, he said: “The food system has been a mess my whole life and I’d like to see, or be a part of, a radical, pervasive change in distribution, QA, and most of all, ethics. Food security is an uphill battle, and I could never write a book or make a movie that would make it any better; it takes just a little something different.  Vibrant North Carolina produce has been a constant source of inspiration to me, especially the cyclical connection to the seasons and the amazing people who make it happen.”
We’re so glad to welcome Neal to the Team and look forward to the thoughtful approach he’ll bring to our collective decision-making!

Contact Neal

Phone:(919) 635-5288