“ These are folks who had real need. They walked because they didn’t have transportation. Often
they didn’t have shoes. But they went away with lovely, fresh, local food that had come from
the farmers less than an hour before. “
— Corly Jones, Market Manager at Eno River

Donation Stations

Locally grown and volunteer run, our farmers market Donation Station program continues to connect local people in need to a source of fresh, healthy produce.


WholeSale market

Our Wholesale Market is providing small to mid-scale local farmers a means of selling what they grow and advice on pricing, marketing, and safe food-handling practices.



We asked our recipient agencies about the food we provided:

Our relationship with Farmer Foodshare has really changed how we source food, how we cook with fresh food, and now, how we involve our participants more in preparing and growing food.
— Olivia Korman, Reality Ministries
“We are so thankful for the support of Farmer Foodshare. We get great home-grown, farm-fresh produce to kids who aren’t otherwise eating this type of food at home.”
— Grow Our Kids

We extend the impact of our core programs through education and community-building activities.


Our work isn't possible without our volunteers.