Welcome to one of Farmer Foodshare’s newest farmers

Jireh Farm farm offers farm fresh products from squash to beef and pork…

When the Jarvis family left their suburban community and purchased a sixty-year old, four-acre estate, they had no idea what adventures were ahead. They decided on raising chickens but knew they needed a dog for protection of the flock. While researching the different breeds, they fell in love with the Great Pyrenees. Little by little, through trial and error the farm has grown and evolved from providing food for just the Jarvis’ to now sharing and selling their overflow.

While they continue to raise and sell their pasture-fed free-range chickens and their eggs, they have expanded to include Angus beef and farm raised pork. Their animals are carefully raised on natural grass, in open fields, and are treated with reverence as they become beneficial protein for local families.

The farm also started a summer camp for children aged 5 to 12. Jireh Family Farm is passionate about teaching young people about the beauty of farming and animal husbandry. Jireh Farm Summer Camp is a way for them to share this joy.

With the turmoil and rumors about food security, the farm wanted to create an environment where children can experience the cultivation of organic nutrition. Currently, the farm is home to a small herd of Red Wattle pigs, rabbits, meat and egg-laying chickens, Great Pyrenees dogs, and goats with their newborns. They also have a small garden growing beans, tomatoes, corn, peppers, potatoes, and squash. Through working in the garden, feeding animals, and learning about natural cycles of the seasons, kids get a hands-on immersion of plant growth, farm maintenance, and animal care. Their desire is that kids feel empowered to grow their own food, regardless of the space available and to honor the animals that provide us meat, eggs, and dairy products.